WSF Presentation: Periodization of Mental Training for Squash: A 20-Year Update

Tim Bacon’s presentation summarizes 20 years of sport psychology consulting using a periodized model. Here is the WSF Conference page for discussion, notes and downloads related to this presentation.


5 Responses to WSF Presentation: Periodization of Mental Training for Squash: A 20-Year Update

  1. […] For those squash coaches who use periodized (periodised for you non-North American Commonwealth natives) annual training plans, visualization content will change as you move through the year to support the main training goals of each phase.  The main directives for each phase are contained in the above chart.  You can read about periodized mental training programs in my article here. […]

  2. […] periodization are limited to the physical training aspects, and ignore the technical, tactical and mental aspects so important to racquet […]

  3. […] LTAD Coach would be responsible for implementing an expert-designed periodized age-specific annual training and competition plan to ensure optimal athlete […]

  4. […] helping players get into and stay their IPS. Ideally, squash coaches should implement a year long periodized mental training program, but just making your players aware of the IPS is a great […]

  5. […] skills in progressively more stressfull and match-like conditions is one of the principles behind a periodization approach to implementing a psychological skills training […]

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