So who did win the 2008 Olympics? Depends…

It depends who you ask!  You can see for yourself – we asked Spain, Switzerland, Britain, Canada, Cuba and the U.S.A.:

Application for Squash Coaches

This will be my last U.S.A. bashing for a while, the point of this post being that American society in general, and also sport – government, the NCAA, colleges, administrators – are very Amerocentric and spend less time than other countries (except perhaps the U.K. in squash) looking outwards at other ways of doing things.  This actually is not true of the Americans  I know personally, but appears to be a characteristic of the culture in general.  Bigger and more are not necessarily better as we have learned on a world-wide scale in the last 20 years.  Should squash become a full-fledged NCAA sport?  Should the College Squash Association forge closer ties with U.S. Squash.  These are questions which require critical reflection, not a knee jerk, jump on the bandwagon response.

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