Do Squash Coaches Need a Nutritionist’s Help?

USDA My Pyramid

USDA My Pyramid

I have attended at least 20 nutrition for sport workshops over the years, and have found that the concepts behind good sports nutrition are very similar to those of nutrition for the general populace. I have taught sports nutrition to coaches and college students in my courses since 1992, so I rely mostly on the Food Pyramid to guide my educational efforts. But as the coach of a women’s squash team, I also include a mini-lecture on iron every season (and I also keep an eye out for signs of disordered eating). The Canada Food Guide is also a great free resource for squash players – and it is available in more than 10 languages.

The Coaching Association of Canada has developed a concise, practical online questionnaire, the Coaches Nutritional Screening Tool, to help coaches determine if they or their athletes should consult with a sport nutritionist. The also have an equivalent Athlete’s Nutrition Checklist which is also completed online. The childish members of your squash team may want to check out the USDA’s MyPyramid Blast Off Game to get them inloved in mangaing their own healthy eating.

Application for Squash Coaches

  1. Determine if your coaching situation warrants the help of a professional sport nutritionist.
  2. Take advantage of free nutrition web tools.
  3. National Food Guides are a great resource both for regular people and athletic eating.

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