Maintaining Squash Technique Over Winter Break

The good news is that it only takes one to two sessions a week to maintain the form that you have built up with daily session over many weeks.  If you do nothing you will lose both your physical and technical game.  The key to effective maintenance sessions is to make sure that they are carried out with the same quality (intensity and volume) as the habitual training sessions.

For many high school and college students, it is important to maintain form as long as possible while studying for exams and tests – as once they leave campus they no longer have easy access to squash courts.  Here is a 30-40 minute technical drilling routine appropriate for high school or college players demonstrated by Wesleyan University Squash Coach Shona Kerr, and Smith College Squash Coach Tim Bacon.  Every drill should have a stated purpose, focus or goal, and players should work cooperatively to make sure that each player gets the most our of the session.

Those with difficulty finding a place to practice their squash skills should watch this video from France:

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