Free Strength E-Journal for Squash Coaches

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The National Strength & Conditioning Association puts out three publications that target three different audiences:

  1. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, primarily for those exercise physiologists conducting research related to strength and associated abilities such as speed and power.  There is a lot of talk of enzymes and substrates.
  2. The Strength and Conditioning Journal,  mostly for Strength and Fitness Coaches working in sports (versus health club settings).  A little technical, put practical and understandable.
  3. The NSCA Performance Training Journal, very easy to read and a resource which would be perfectly tailored for squash coaches without sport science degrees – if they ever published articles on squash.

Having said that, squash coaches can lift some good ideas from programs from other sports.  Here is the most recent issue’s partial Table of Contents: 

NSCA Performance Journal Contents

NSCA Performance Journal Contents

All five of the articles outlined above could be a great source of ideas for squash training.  As a member of the NSCA and  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a subscription to all three comes with my membership.  Also included and particularly useful, is access to the NSCA Journal database where I can retrieve full-text versions of all articles to e-mail to clients and fellow coaches.

Subscription is free for squash coaches is free, and as an electronic journal will be delivered right to your e-mail inbox – here is the link to subscribe.  There are also some free podcasts which may be of interest to squash coaches, and Dartfish Mediabooks with correct demonstrations of key strength training exercises.

Subscribe to the NSCA Performance Training Journal

Subscribe to the NSCA Performance Training Journal

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