Foam Roller for Squash: Massage That Fits in Your Squash Bag

The importance of recovery and regeneration for hard training squash players has been known for years.  My 1987 Squash Canada Level 4 Course featured a Task with that very name:  Recovery and Regeneration.  A sport scientist held a discussion session on the use of stretching, hot and cold therapies, massage, sleep and relaxation techniques to facilitate recovery.

One of the recovery techniques that was not mentioned in those days, but that has become a very hot item, is the use of foam rollers for self massage and myofascial release.  I have integrated their use into my own and my team’s workout routine over the last 3-4 months, and if I was playing tournaments I am sure the roller would be immensely beneficial – and a lot cheaper and more convenient to implement than massage.

Here are four excellent short videos that feature foam rolling techniques that are perfectly suited to the demands of squash. 

  • Video #1 shows five great exercises for squash if you are limited in time.
  • Videos #2 and #3 show the same five, plus additional exercises.  What is particularly great about these clips is that they  feature the use of the foot long mini-roller – that fits perfectly into a squash racquet bag!
  • Video #4 features the use of tennis and squash balls to perform a similar function – particularly useful for small hard to access areas. I suggest starting your session with the rollers, and moving on to use the balls for remaining tight areas.  I have already recommended Fit to Play Tennis for squash coaches as a source of injury prevention and recovery techniques – written by a very knowledgeable PT with considerable experience in our sister sport tennis.

Five Best Foam Roller Exercises for Squash:

Half Foam Roller (Fits in Your Squash Bag) Exercises:

Squash Ball Massage (Myofascial Release)

If you are in the U.S., Perform Better or Power Systems offer a variety of rollers at a reasonable price.

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