“Squash 2016” Impact on Sport Science & Squash

How will the sport of squash and in particular squash-related sport science change if squash gets into the Olympics?

Squash 2016

Squash 2016

If you want a clear, concrete picture of changes that might occur if squash gets into the Olympics, take a look at the Jobs in Sport sections of UK Sport, Sport England, and the EIS in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics (you can monitor Jobs on our page here).  The amount of money being poured into UK Sport at all levels – sport science, coaching development, organizational infrastructure – even mass participation – makes the the world of sport in the U.S. look like an impoverished wasteland – which it is. This increase in resources will be mirrored in many squash countries around the world. 

Olympic Funding UK Job Examples

Olympic Funding UK Job Examples

It is a shame for Britain that it takes 30 years to change a “corporate culture“, since the UK efforts only really started to intensify 10 years ago.  If the British keep up their efforts there will be big payoffs starting in 2020.  Unfortunately, Western societies’ preoccupation with immediate results may lead the Brits to reduce funding and support, which would be a shame since an overall cohesive, national plan for sport and health – which includes both elite sport and mass participation can only  benefit a nation (reduced health costs, greater life satisfaction, etc.).

I am busy preparing my book manuscripts to send off to Human Kinetics just in case squash does get in:  1) The Science of Coaching Squash, 2) LTAD & Periodization of Squash Training: A Guide to Producing World Champions, and 3) Mental Training for Squash:  A Step-by-Step Workbook.  If squash does not get in, sales that number in the hundreds do not quite cut it.

Well – that’s my contribution to Squash 2016 day – can’t play today because I live in a squash wasteland!

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  1. Squash says:

    Indeed, to promote a sport squash require financial support .

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