Squash Scientist Takes Vacation!

What does a squash sport scientist do for a vacation?

Well, first he (or she) looks for a conference, course or workshop related to one of the racquet sports or sport science disciplines near a tropical beach, so that his (or her:) employer can pay for the vacation with professional development money. Last year I went to London to attend the British LTA Sport Science Conference

This year it is a bit tougher to find something worthwhile between the end of academic classes and the start of squash camps (working as mental training and strength consultant and coach). I am in Montreal currently getting my clay court tennis game in shape and trying out U.S. Handball with my tennis coach buddy Norman Katz (Canadian Maccabia Jr. National Coach).

Unable to find a good conference, I am forced to travel to the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya (near the ancient Mayan ruins at Tulum south of Cancun) for a week-long tennis teaching vacation arranged with Fit Pro Travel.  After paying an administration fee of $350 U.S., and purchasing tennis equipment for the resort ($150), my mixed doubles Racketlon partner and I get an all-inclusive vacation for the cost of a flight (about $250 now due to Swine Flu scare).  They have Squash Teaching Vacations on the books (Hedonism II and Couples Tower Isle) but no current availability.  At full strength six months out from my hip replacement, I will be building up to 100% forward sprinting – the last missing ingredient to my return to squash (I have been playing with the Dunlop Competition One-Dot so I can cover the front).

What is ahead for our Science of Coaching Squash site when I return on June 7th:

  • Notational analysis (Dartfish Tagging) of top players – starting with World #1 Nicol David;
  • Analysis of several Tactical Models for Squash (Zone, Egg, Patterns, Styles, etc.);
  • Introduction of “System 3” Tactical Model for Squash;
  • Google Translate widget – so posts can be translated into 30+ foreign languages;
  • Review and critique of CorePerformance.com;
  • Summary of latest squash physiology study;
  • How to organize a Squash Coaching Conference (conceptually that is…)
  • More mental training videos;
  • and more…

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