Squash Science Supports British Racketball!

From pedagogical, tactical, fitness, social and developmental perspectives, there are good sport science reasons for squash coaches to integrate British Racketball into their coaching activities.

Pedagogical: As the easiest-to-learn racquet sport, due to the slow, relatively high-bouncing nature of the ball and the relatively large racquet face, British Racketball should be the first step for both young and new learners.  The tennis world is currently swamped with progressive learning methods for introductory tennis – and of course in squash we have our Mini-Squash – I think British Racketball is just as good.

Tactical: Without the onerous burden of relatively difficult (for the average learner) technique (especially the cocked wrist) and an uncooperative low-bouncing, relatively fast ball those introduced to racquet sports with British Racketball can more quickly focus on the tactical (and fun) elements of playing a racquet sport:  making an opponent run, wearig an opponent down, attacking weaknesses, etc.  British Racketball tactics can then easily transfer to squash or even tennis.

Fitness: I am going to do a study in the fall where we take groups of beginning racquet sport players and monitor their heart rates during introductory lessons of squash, tennis and British Racketball – I am convinced the racketbal players will spend more time in their training zone (60-80% of HRmax) due to the easiness and longer rallies of the game.

Social: What a dangerous game squash doubles is on a standard international court (except for “A” players and above), how rare are proper doubles courts (hardball or softball), and what a great safe, easy way British Racketball is to learn doubles racquet sports tactics:  communication, targeting the weaker player, covering space in a coordinated fashion, etc.

Developmental:  For the very young, the old (40+), and the infirm, British Racketbal is a great way to stay in shape – have you seen any of the 60+ Vets Squash finals:) ?

For all these reasons we have started a British Racketball blog which will feature instruction and news from the British Racketball World!

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