Squash Science Resource Update – August ’09

Many of the sport science resources that squash coaches use continue to evolve.  Here are three updates from trusted sources:

I   Thera-Band Academy Adds Web 2.0 Tools for Coaches

August 11, 2009

Dear Thera-Band Academy Subscriber

I trust you’ve found the Thera-Band Academy to be a useful tool for you. This is the 10th Anniversary of the Academy… and much has changed since then. I wanted to let you know about some new tools and websites that will help us improve our communication with you. Using the latest social media and networking sites, we hope to enhance your experience within the Academy. Please take a brief moment to check out these new tools…

I hope these new tools are useful! Thanks for your continued loyalty and support!

Phil Page, PT, ATC, MS, CSCS
Director of Education & Research
1245 Home Ave
Akron, OH 44310 

You are receiving this email because you are registered as a user of Thera-Band Academy. To unsubscribe or update your profile, login at http://www.Thera-BandAcademy.com with your email and password to update your Profile.

II   Sport Nutrition Monthly Tips from the CAC

I have worked alongside quite a few PSA and WISPA touring pros this summer, and I am slightly surprised at some of the misinformation making the rounds concerning nutrition, sport drinks and supplements.  I was happy to hear that Karim Darwish does not take any supplements. A very reliable resource is the Coaching Association of Canada’s Sport Nutrition Tip of the Month:

This month’s Sport Nutrition Tip of the Month Eating for Endurance – Making Sense of Sport Drinks, Bars and Gels provides information on the proper nutrition prior to and during events, and explains the role of sport drinks, bars and gels in maintaining ones energy.

To read this article and access our sport nutrition resource site for other nutrition tip sheets in the areas of vitamins and minerals, long distance travel, fluids, gaining weight, losing weight, and dietary supplements, please visit our site.

III  15% Discount on Physiology Books from Human Kinetics

Finally a coupon and new book of interest to squash coaches from the world’s largest sport book publisher. Here is their description of their new book on Youth and Overtraining:

With competitive expectations for young athletes constantly increasing, overtraining is a growing hazard for these developing competitors. In “Sports Training–How Much is Too Much?” sports medicine expert Lyle Micheli, MD, addresses what overtraining is and how children should properly train in sports. He provides scenarios of training that are “too much, too soon.” He also presents the “ten-percent rule,” which states that children’s training should only be increased by ten percent per week. His brief, yet detailed explanation of overtraining in children is necessary for coaches and parents to understand in order to avoid overtraining and possible injury.”

HK Coupon

Our Science of Coaching Squash blog is approaching 30,000 hits without any promotion (record high of 215 daily hits yesterday) – reminder that we will take submissions (articles or videos) related to coaching squash.  I will be doing our annual check of links to make sure they are all “live” shortly.

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