Strength Training for Squash – Basic Exercises made Squash-Specific

I have already blogged on some useless strength exercises for squash – in this post I discuss how we can turn some of these useless, basic, “bodybuilding” -type of exercises into more useful ones.

The strategy to do this is simple, and is based on the importance of the lunge in squash, and the need to save time in our squash supplementary strength workouts.  Depending on the level of play and type of strategy and shots being used, a player may need to lunge up to 100 times or more a match. Three types of muscle contraction are important in performing the lunge in a match situation:  eccentric as you step into the lunge and plant your front foot, isometric when there is a momentary holding of position, and concentric as the legs push back out of the lunge.  The lunge trained in the video examples below is the static one – also useful in the beginning weeks of a annual periodized strength program for working an athlete up towards more dynamic and intense lunging, such as that used in court movement drills and plyometrics.

There are definitely more complex and intense exercises that incorporate lunging – this post is emphasizing a safe, easy way to incorporate more core and squash specificity into a regular routine. Keiser Functional Training has a YouTube Channel which features the use of cable machines for more core and functional training, and of course Core Performance has a wide variety of lunging type exercises that are great for squash.

2 Responses to Strength Training for Squash – Basic Exercises made Squash-Specific

  1. […] A sport-specific exercise is defined as an exercise that mimics, or has some (or many) characteristics of a sport’s skill(s).  For example a medicine ball side throw has many of the same elements as a squash forehand drive – a ground up kinetic chain action involving the legs, hips, torso and finally the arms and hands. […]

  2. […] training sessions based on the Core Performance model – designed to get you through the camp with an emphasis on recovery and regeneration as well […]

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