Train with a Squash Scientist this summer!

I have received several requests for squash science consultation over the last year.  One of the best ways to work with me (and Karim Darwish – last year’s world #1) this summer is at the upcoming Premier Performance Squash Camp which starts this Sunday, June 20th at Mercersburg (close reach of Washington and Baltimore). The camp runs for a week and you are invited to attend all or part of the camp.

I have designed the squash camp around the latest sport science and squash developments so that “campers” (both adult and juniors train together in the Egyptian style) will receive training that is unavailable elsewhere in the squash world:

  1. Tactics First or Games Approach for all sessions – everything learned will be in a useful, practical, tactical context – no boring lectures – every sessions starts with a different tactical game and we go from there!
  2. Physical training sessions based on the Core Performance model – designed to get you through the camp with an emphasis on recovery and regeneration as well as learning new ways to train.
  3. Daily, short 15-20 minute squash-specific mental training sessions – you cannot get these anywhere else.
  4. Both technical AND tactical video analysis on a daily basis – according to the latest research and essential component to accelerated sport learning (your strokes will be compared to Karim’s).
  5. Emphasis on learning the attacking, deceptive Egyptian game – they are at the top of the world – why not train and play the way the Egyptians  do?

Contact Sahel Anwar at 203-209-4880 or and mention “Science of Coaching Squash” or “Tim Bacon” to receive a 25% discount on published camp rates.

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