Last-Minute Training with a Squash Scientist – Next Two Weeks in CT!

There are still a couple of spots open in both the junior and adult World Class Squash Camps being held at Wesleyan University (30 minutes from Bradley International near Hartford or New Haven train station) starting this Monday (July 12) for two weeks – I have arranged for a 20% discount for those who follow my blog – contact camp Director Shona Kerr directly at 1-860-685-2444 or

I will be organizing and running the daily strength training and will also be doing a daily 10-minute mental session.  My main objective will be to introduce campers to the Core Performance training philosophy – all training exercises developed by rehab specialists and strength consultants:

  • During an intensive one-week camp a big emphasis on balancing out the many hours of on-court work with hip, back, core and complementary exercises (e.g., for the hamstrings) to prevent injury and ensure efficient movement during the camp.
  • A big emphasis on daily regeneration and recovery exercises – including foam rollers, myofascial release with tennis balls and use of stretching ropes for those key areas for a squash player – hamstrings, lower back, quads and hip flexors. Camp Director Shona Kerr  has purchased a foam roller for each of the campers – a great innovative move.
  • A daily 10-minute mini-injury prevention workout to instruct campers in how to help prevent the most common squash injuries: ACL tears, sore knees, shoulder bursitis, lower back, and sprained ankles.
  • Introduction to the Core Performance system (including a free 3-week trial to the site), how to plan an entire year of training and instruction in some of the techniques the campers may be less familiar with like plyometrics or medicine ball training.
  • A daily mini-mental session based on my squash specific approach to mental training – here is a link to all of my mental posts.

The World Class Squash Camp has been designed this year by former English Junior Squad’s and Wesleyan Men’s & Women’s Coach Shona Kerr (who is on the U.S. Squash Coaching Advisory Panel) and is still a top player (having gone undefeated in two years of U.S. National Championships beating several U.S. Squad members) and features both North American homegrown #1s – Shahir Razik from Canada and Jullian Illingworth from the U.S.  This is a great chance for Canadian and U.S. kids to learn how to get ahead from those who have done it in our North American environment (not saying that training with top foreign players is not helpful – but just a very different look from most summer squash camps).

Session I: July 11-16 Novice/Intermediate/Advanced Juniors (Sun-Fri session) – $1350
Week with Shahier Razik and Shona Kerr

  • (2 places left in this session on 07Jun2010)

Session II: July 18-23 Novice/Intermediate/Advanced Juniors (Sun-Fri session) – $1350
Week with Julian Illingworth and Shona Kerr

  • (2 places left in this session on 07Jun2010)

Adult Weekend: July 16-18 (Fri evening-Sun afternoon) – $650
Weekend with Julian Illingworth, Shahier Razik and Shona Kerr.

  • (5 spots left in this session on 07Jun2010)

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