Kinaesthetic Cues for Squash Coaching: Part II

Some learn about squash technique by seeing, some via listening, but most by doing – which means by the “feeling of doing”.  The sport science term for using “feelings” to help learn is “kinaesthetic cues”.  As discussed in my last post, I had two of my team’s recent tennis converts “throw” their racquets into netting to try and get that loose, whippy, snappy squash feel.  Here are Eunice and Jaimi giving it a go!

I actually learned this trick from former University of Toronto squash coach Don Fawcett – I saw him do it when working with one of his players who had good technique – but no power or snap.  He actually had her hurl her racquet into the tin!  His son Taylor was part of a cohort of Canadian players who dominated the Hardball Doubles game.

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