New Coaching Site: Squash Hero

Squash Hero is a new commercial site whose primary business is to sell racquets – BUT – they also seem to have an interesting Squash Tips section.  I stumbled across a YouTube video first – which led me to the site.  Coincidentally I received an e-mail the next day [promising me a free t-shirt if I blogged on the new site (full disclosure – I like new t-shirts – although it is tough to get one that fits my muscular, slim frame properly:).

Their Tip Section is a compilation of tips and videos from other squash sources – but it is nice to have them listed in an orderly fashion (although the list could be improved with a “tactical framework” categorization.

On the racquets side of their site they have an innovative “racquet selector” which at the very least is a competent listing of available racquets from mainstream manufacturers. (although I think full functionality will come with the “official” opening of the site in the near future).  So a promising new site for both choosing a racquet and coaching tips – if they are able to sustain their current momentum!



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