New AASP Logo for Squash Mental Training Consultants to Use!

New AASP Logo

The Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) contacted all of its members (I have been a Charter Member since its inception in 1985/6) today giving them permission to promote their consulting activities with its newly developed logo.

Back in the 1980’s there were several North American organizations that represented the Sport Psychology field – AASP was the first to overtly promote the ‘applied” aspect (versus “research”) of the field – although we should mention that the Canadians beat them to the punch in developing standards and a certification program for applied sport psychologists – back in 1986/87 I was one of about 14 mental training consultants to be approved by the Canadian Mental Training Registry (CMTR) to work with Candian National Teams of any sport – although I was able to keep busy working mostly with racquet sport athletes on the Canadian National Squash, Tennis, and Racquetball teams.

Currently, AASP is probably the most important and useful organization for squash coaches (and coaches of other sports), and the organization publishes two applied research journals.  For specific information on the application of sport psychology to squash you can click on the “psychology” category on the side of this blog page.

After 20 years focussing mainly on the “teaching” of sport psychology to undergraduate students (at Smith College) and coaches (through the NCCP and ASEP), I have returned to active consulting – rates start at $50/hr. for Facetime or Skype meetings, and $100/hour for group team meetings.  Email is the best way to initiate contact using

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