Injury Prevention for Squash

Most squash players and coaches – including the top PSA professionals are unable to manage physical training and match play schedules in a way that avoids costly injuries and lost training time:

Pallikal, Aug. 2017

Gaultier, Nov. 2016

Heshem, Oct. 2016

Ashour, Jan. 2015


Why?  The main reason is that the planning and implementation of high level training requires a deep understanding of many factors that can only be obtained through academic training  and many years of squash-specific professional practice as a strength and conditioning specialist.

  • How many squash coaches have a Master’s in Sport Science or Coaching?  The weekend or week-long coaching certification courses, even at the highest Level 3 or 4 are inadequate with only 16-20 hours devoted to physical training – versus a 4-year Bachelor’s P.E. degree followed by another 1-2 year’s MSc. or M.A.  In addition to this academic preparation, most consider the NSCA’s C.S.C.S. credential as a prerequisite for competent practice.
  • How many physical preparation specialists have played or coached squash or another racquet sport at a national level (or even college squash) in order to be able to truly understand the demands of squash training and playing?

The answer is “not very many”.  There is David Behm (he played for me when I coached at McGill) and myself that I know of in North America.  If you know of others, contact me and I will be happy to list their names here as a resource.

So what to do about this situation?  The answer is to use a system of training that acknowledges the importance of avoiding injury and that has been tested at the highest levels across many sports.  I have been using this strength training system since 2008 with my squash athletes – the same system that is being used with 50+ professional teams around the world, including the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, the German Men’s Soccer Team, and for the past few years by at least 10 of the top 20 NFL draft picks.

Stay tuned for the the name and links to this system:)


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