Mental Training

Tim Bacon has consulted with more than 100 Canadian National Squad athletes, including former PSA World #1 Jonathon Power and former WISPA #6 Heather Wallace, since 1986. He has also worked with Canadian Tennis and Racquetball National Team athletes who have gone on to win world championships. More than 2,000 athletes and coaches have attended his mental training workshops.

He obtained an M.A. in Coaching & Sport Psychology in 1987, and shortly thereafter became a member of the Canadian Mental Training Registry, the certifying agency for consultants working in the area of sport psychology in Canada. He has presented on sport psychology at conferences around the world and written several chapters and articles on sport psychology for NSGBs and is a member of the European Federation of Sport Psychology.

He currently teaches Psychology of Sport and Stress management at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

He is available for both individual and team meetings, with rates starting at about $100 per hour. He can be contacted at or 1-413-330-8222.

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