October Western MA Advanced Squash Training

Egg Model for Squash TacticsThis is the Tim Bacon “Egg Model of Squash Tactics” which we will be focusing on this month.  Acknowledgements to Yvon Provencal who taught the basic model to me (he learned it from Kevin Parker) and to William Smith’s Chip Fishback for his wonderful graphic and refinements (“Toast” and “Poached”).

Four Tuesdays 7-9 pm – Free Play right after 9:00-9:30 pm

National Team quality training with Tim Bacon, Level 4 Squash Coach and former Canadian Jr. National Coach (coach of World #1 Jonathon Power) and certified strength (CSCS) and mental training consultant (CMTR):

– tactical training: learn how to make the right shot at the right time using my Egg Model of Squash Tactics.

– technical training: individual video feedback (you receive video clip with audio and visual corrections) on your major flaws and how to correct them;

– physical training: learn the essentials to prevent squash injuries;

– mental training: learn how to analyze your performances and make a short mental plan to play your best

Every week will feature all four types of training with a minimum of 1.5 hrs. drills and playing and about 30 min. of physical/mental training of-court between 7 and 9 pm.

Free play following the training where Tim will roam, answer questions and give feedback.

1 Tuesday October 7:

– New Movement Prep Exercises EXOS system: movement prep\.

– Egg Model Tactics: learn to choose the right shots from: a) outside the egg; b) inside the yolk; c) in the egg white:)

– how to regenerate after play to minimize soreness – how to use the rollers, stretch ropes,  tennis balls,

2 Tuesday October 14 (Allen Fitzimmons is guest pro – exposure to new great ideas for improvement!):

–  Prehab: Key strength exercises to balance the body and avoid injury;

– Allen’s favorite training drills and games (got his team  10 spots up the ranking in one year!)

– Regeneration:  more post-training exercises:  Exos Regeneration Activities

3 Tuesday October 21:

– Alternate Egg Model games & drills

– Guest Strength Coach Skylar Marcoux with more injury prevention and balancing exercises

4  Tuesday, October 28

-Patterns of play (4):  from World master’s Champ Australian Kevin parker

– Video feedback: Put it all together and get video feedback on your match play and strokes – here I analyze World #1:

– Learn the best drills and conditioned games to keep your game sharp all season long

– Marking and Refereeing:  Using the WSF Line of Thinking

Registration and Payment

The cost of the four clinics is $100/person when payment is received (full refund if cancellation received 7 days prior to first clinic) by October  1.  (credit card, check, Venmo, Square, Paypal). The cost after October 1 for the four, or to just drop in and show up on a weekly basis is $30 per evening cash only.  Email Tim at tbacon@smith.edu to register and call him at 1-413-330-8222 with any questions.  **25% off – so $75 prepaid only by October 1, for all 4-session participants in September’s Training**

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