Strength & Conditioning

Tim Bacon has been teaching coaches how to physically train and prepare their athletes since 1992 as part of the NCCP Level 1, 2 & 3 Theory Program; and now as an instructor in the ASEP Coaching Principles course. As a squash coach he has developed periodized (annual) training programs for his teams at the University of Western Ontario, McGill and Smith College, as well as the 1990 Canadian Jr. Men’s Team. He has taught both Strength Training and Weight Management for the Department of Physical Education at Dawson College in Montreal; and conducted fitness testing for both the University of Toronto and the Toronto Jewish Community Centre in the late 1970’s.

He has both a Bachelor’s in Physical & Health Education from the University of Toronto and a Master’s in Physical Education from the University of Western Ontario. Recently he obtained his Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Credential from the National Strength & Conditioning Association and has worked for the past two summers and the Strength Trainer at Princeton Squash Camps. He has also written strength training guides for both the Princeton and Wesleyan squash teams.

Personal Training for Squash and Tennis

Personal and group training is available starting at $50 per hour. Tim provides individualized programs along with exercise descriptions and pictures through PersonalTrainerOnTheNet. Telephone and internet consultation is also available.

Here are some examples of Strength Training Programs Tim has developed:

  1. Strength Training for the Average Division III Female Athlete. Presentation to the Smith College Athletics Department, September 2006. Download here.
  2. Smith College Squash Team Basic Training, 2006-2007 season. Download here.
  3. Princeton University Squash Team Strength Training Manual, 2006-07 season. Developed with Gail Ramsay & Bob Callahan. Download here.

Want a great reference site where you can visulaize the muscles in action = click here!

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