December Break 2018 Training Program

  • Detraining is basically linear – if you do NOTHING between Sat. Dec. 8 (our CONN match) and our Fri. Jan. 4th return to campus you will show up with the same level of overall fitness you had on Nov. 11.
  • Although we finished the semester with zero “active” squash injuries (10+, so at least 1/3 of you had significant squash injuries during the term) this process of becoming injury-free was accomplished through 5 weeks of our injury prevention training at practice.
  • Starting on January 4 our physical training volume will DOUBLE from 12-14 hours per week to 24-30 hours per week – you WILL get injured or sick if you do not maintain or improve your fitness over break. Remember that in professional soccer there is a .87 correlation between a teams “number of days lost due to injury” and their final league standing – the same applies to college squash. When we play an opponent of the same ability (predicted 5-4 result – 50/50 either way) when you are unable to play due to a “preventable” injury (hamstring or groin pull, sore knees or shoulder, etc.), your teammates below you on the ladder must all move up almost ensuring a team loss.  It sounds harsh but this loss would be YOUR fault.

Here are THREE possible routes to staying in shape:

  1. Access to squash courts & training partners: continue our team weekly practice schedule: 20 min. of movement prep & prehab, 60-90 min. of play & practice, 20 min. of strength & regen. Here is a screenshot of our weekly schedule:   Wes Fall Fitness Template
  2. No access to squash courts: continue our team weekly practice schedule (movement prep, prehab, regen & strength) substituting an aerobic workout 3-4 times a week (20 min. high intensity or 30-40 min. lower intensity), a speed/power workout 2 times a week (20 min.) and a Lactic workout (e.g., 2-3 times 100 touches) 2 times a week (20 min.).
  3. Minimal maintenance program for those constantly travelling or with minimal motivation:  movement prep & prehab 5 times a week, 2 aerobic workouts per week (20 min. high intensity), one speed (e.g., 15 x 10 yd. sprints with 60 sec. rest between) and one lactic workout per week (e.g., 2 X 100 touches).

Important Notes:

Absolutely essential prehab components to include no matter what are:

  • stability ball leg curls – at least 2 sets of 12 but really you should be working towards single leg curls;
  • stretch your hip flexors (illiopsoas) either dynamically or statically;
  • shoulder mobility including W,Y, T, Ls & sidelying internal rotator stretch;
  • front & side planks, dead bug, stability ball crunches & back extensions
  • mini-band exercises

Important Resources:

If you need detailed instructions on exercises here are several of the programs we have sent to you over the last couple of years:

Basic strength training:  Wes 201718 GP1

Slightly more advanced strength training:  Wes Sq 2017 SP2

Aerobic Training Program:  Wesleyan Squash Aerobic Training Plan December 2018






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