Physical Training Programs


Monday Oct. 2  -, Sunday Oct. 17, 2017

  • Priority for this 2-week cycle is still correctly executing movement prep and prehab AND continuing to rehab any prior or current injuries/soreness.  If you are not sure what to do make an appointment at Health Services – for info about your injury you can check out this link:
  • If you trained and played all summer you can do the Dept. Speed/Agility workouts – if you did not you should hold off as returning to on-court play AND speed stuff could cause lower extremity weaknesses (leading to injury).
  • Aerobic for this micro-cycle should be three times a week of 20 minutes of hard continuous activity at 80%-85% of HRmax OR 20 minutes of hard (80-85% HRmax) intervals of 30 sec. harder/30 second easier OR one hour of match play OR 1.5 – 2 hours of captain’s practice.

Easy Program:  Wes Sq 2017 GP2

Hard Program:  Wes Sq 2017 SP2

Team Fitness Test Items/Exercises (Oct. 30/Nov.1):  Wes Sq 2017 Fittest Items

In addition to these there will be some on-court speed and aerobic tests including the multi-stage beep (or bleep) test.

Sept. 8 – 27, 2017

Easy:  Wes 201718 GP1

Hard:  Wes 201718 Sq. SP1

Summer 2017 (May 15 – Sept. 8)

Summer 2 Program:  Wes Sq Sum 2 2017

Summer 1 Program:  Wes Squash 2017 Summer 1



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