Science of Coaching Tennis

Better known for my squash activities, my tennis background and experience are “almost as good”:

  • Certified tennis instructor since 1976
  • Head Coach of Men’s Tennis, Springfield College 1995-96
  • Mental Training Consultant to “Les Deux Sebastiens”, 1989 World Jr. Tennis Champs, one of whom went on to Olympic Doubles Gold, Atlanta.
  • Taught College Physical Education Tennis classes at: University of Toronto, Dawson College, Smith College
  • Coached at summer clubs and camps from 1976 to present.
  • NTRP 5.0 player, competing on World Racketlon Circuit 45+
  • Current Member, Tennis Professionals Association (TPA)
  • Tennis Canada Coach 3 “Trained”, qualified to coach U14-U18 national level juniors, up to an NTRP of 5.5. Click here for specifics of what I am trained to do.
  • Wheelchair Tennis Instructor’s Cerificate 2005 Wheelchair Certificate

Do you coach College or top-level juniors? Click here to see the best tennis coaching resources in the world!

1996 Springfield Men’s Tennis Team Photo

Tennis Canada Coach 3 Certification

Tim having a “friendly” with Smith Collegue Don Siegel (sport psychology, motor learning):

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