Squash Scientist wins Core Performance T-Shirt!

December 13, 2010

If you are a regular reader of this squash coaching blog you will know that I wholeheartedly support the CorePerformance.com approach to training – it is a perfect fit with competitive squash – a blend of well-conceived exercises to complement the demands of squash – perhaps the most demanding sport in the world (based on the number of coaches with hip replacements – I know of at least 40!)

Anyway, CorePerformance ran a “submit your best CP photo” contest on their Facebook Page – and I got a free t-shirt for doing so!  Here is the photo I submitted – I was visiting a Smith College alumna in Hawaii ( I may run a squash camp in Honolulu next summer – what a great place to train!):

If you get a chance sign up to follow Core Performance on Twitter – they send out at least one exercise each day – and often some other health and nutrition tips as well!

I re-tweet the most squash-specific of their exercises through my own SquashScience Twitter account.

Twitter with Science of Coaching Squash!

April 18, 2009

Sometimes you have a great thought about the Science of Coaching Squash but it is not quite blog-worthy.  That is where another one of the seemingly endless Web 2.0 tools comes in – and right now it is the hottest – and that is Twitter!

Twitter with Science of Coaching Squash

Twitter with Science of Coaching Squash

Take a look to the upper right of this page and you will see that Science of Coaching Squash is using Twitter to get those great ideas out quickly – links, articles, posts, books, etc. – it can all be done via iPhone as a squash sport scientist stumbles through life.  Just click on the “Twitter Squash Science” – our Twitter ID is “squashscience” and away you go.  You can also follow those who we are following (if you follow).  Right now I am following Coreperformance and PtOntheNet – two great sites for developing strength programs for our squash athletes (both of which are on Facebook by the way – but that is a story for another day).