Games Approach & Squash Camp Update

July 15, 2009

I am the lead coach in charge of the curriculum at the Premier Performance Squash Training in Mercdersburg, PA going on this week – this is an update report on the curriculum – which is based on recent posts on designing a camp, Egyptian squash, and developing deceptive players.

  • After initial uncertainty and some hesitancy over the lower level campers’ ability to do the Games Approach, the coaches (Karim Darwish, his wife Engy and Miguel Rodriguez (World #20), have enthusiastically embraced the method;
  • Our “Egyptian” approach has received an overwhelming enthusiastic response by both adult and junior campers (beginners to 5.5 or “A” players – we start each day with 1-2 front- or mid-court deceptions situations – we are going for our first back-court deception game (and then practice tomorrow).
  • I have arranged a free trial at for our campers (enter code “CP-PPS”) and the camp owners, Squash Design businessmen Haseeb and Sahel Anwar have bought foam rollers (at my insistence) for each camper so we can finish the day with CorePerformance’s great Regeneration workouts.

It really is great for the campers to get a chance to observe Karim whose racquet skills are quite amazing. I observed him use at least 5 different techniques to play balls glued to the backhand wall (topspin, block, cut, push, etc.0 to get the ball to its target (deep or short). I hope to get a HD video of these techniques before the week is out!

We also quiz the campers on the WSF Refereeing Video – go to our YouTube Squashscience channel to get the camper’s response to one of the refereeing committee’s decisions!