Core Training for Squash

October 12, 2010

This month’s NSCA Performance Training Journal (one of the benefits of membership) just appeared in my inbox.  There is a great article on Core Training for tennis with Mark Kovacs as the first author (ran into Mark and chatted with him in the elevator at the ITF Conference in Valencia, Spain last November where I was presenting on mental training at each stage of an LTAD).

The article presents a solid rationale for current functional training thinking versus traditional bodybuilding methods.  Obviously the part of the article relating to the serve and overhead training is less important for squash players, so I would recommend reducing the volume and sets of exercises relating to overhead training.

You can access the journal on their website or I have put a copy here for you (copyright and Fair Use restrictions apply):  Core for Tennis and Squash?

“Core Performance” for Squash Coaches: Book Review

January 15, 2009

What am I doing reviewing a sport science related book that was published in 2004?

I just became aware of “Core Performance” by Mark Verstegen a couple of weeks ago. It turns out that many of the strength training exercises my physiotherapist has been prescribing for my total hip replacement rehabilitation (you can follow my hip rehab story starting here) have been drawn from Verstegen’s book – I started doing full squats and deep lunges on my operated leg at 5-6 weeks into my rehab.  April Garner, my PT who is also the assistant coach for the UCONN track team,  has been photocopying the exercises from the book so I decided to purchase a copy for myself – full price – but you can get a used copy from Amazon for a few dollars less.


It turns out that Verstegen (you can get a free trial membership at his fitness company’s site here) set up IMG’s Tennis (Bolletieri’s) and other fitness programs in the 1990’s:  Read the rest of this entry »