Bi-Cycle for Squash Coaches: Periodization’s Transition Phase

March 6, 2009

I was  introduced to periodization of squash training during my 1987 Squash Canada Level 4 Coaching Certification Course by Rene Denis.  At the time Rene was the Canadian Jr. Men’s National Coach (I was his assistant – his teams included Jonathon Power and Graham Ryding), but he also collaborated with Tudor Bompa in designing a periodized version of a Training Diary for National Coaches – that is, all coaches – all sports.  He was the Course Conductor (Tutor for Commonwealth folk) for the Planning Task.  The final assignment for the Level 4 Course was to submit a periodized annual plan for all of the training factors:  technical, tactical, physical and psychological.


What is a bicycle?  I mean bi-cycle in periodization terms?  It is an annual training and competition plan with two peaks (hence “bi”).  Periodization is the division of a certain time period into “cycles”.  A concrete example would be a college, high school or junior athlete in North America who has just finished their March 1st championships, but want to play in the National Championships in mid- or end of April. Read the rest of this entry »

Academic Stress Affects Season Training Plans for Squash

October 16, 2007

Coaches of student-athletes (the majority of young squash players) need to take their athlete’s level of academic stress into account when planning the physical aspects of training so that the overall level of stress on the athlete does not lead to sickness, injury or overtraining.

One easy way to make sure that this aspect does not escape attention is to allocate several lines of the annual plan to the academic schedule and academic stress. In the attached example plan of the Smith College Squash team, line 9 indicates the training load, line 10 the academic schedule and line 11 the level (estimated by team members, captains, and Faculty) of academic stress: Smith College Squash Annual Training Plan

Line 12 represents the overal stress on the athlete at any particluar moment of the year which facilitates an appropriate load which will lead to peaking at the most important competition of the year.

(Thanks to Smith Professor, Exercise Physiologist, James Johnson for a personal communication on this aspect of training)

WSF Presentation: Periodization of Mental Training for Squash: A 20-Year Update

September 6, 2007

Tim Bacon’s presentation summarizes 20 years of sport psychology consulting using a periodized model. Here is the WSF Conference page for discussion, notes and downloads related to this presentation.